What Would You Do With MEGA LOTTERY Winnings?? How can one NOT ponder?

With an expected upcoming jackpot in the Mega Millions to exceed $1.02 Billion... Absolutely that grabs EVERYONE's attention!

How about what would you NOT want to buy if you are planning to keep, use and ENJOY from here in North Dakota!


We are talking... keeping in mind of course this means things that just do not make sense living, geographically, and even temperature... or will not fix anything.

Meaning... These could Dream Purchases potentially could make "life harder"

OR WORSE... Break The Bank!

Save The Headache On These Buys

What Not To SPEND $$$ To Keep In North Dakota

Now Yes - You Betcha! We tried to put common sense to paper on this here list!

We know we're a tough breed in the Dakotas and often we even say that our ability to make fairly rational decisions is above the bar...

So please, if you are the Lucky Lottery Winner - Don't Change!

Instead, be smart, and weigh out all of the options before coming forward...

Please Please don't become a statistic of bankrupted lottery winners!

You know the saying... Money doesn't buy happiness!

Lottery, Mega Millions, north dakota nice Tigger and bec

Keep being North Dakota Nice! AND guess what - if you are that lucky to win

here in the GREAT state of North Dakota one can choose to stay ANNONYMOUS! This is WONDERFUL as the only other states that allow doing so are Delaware, Kansas, Maryland, Ohio, and South Carolina according to Today.com.

We wish you all the very BEST of luck with "Lady Luck" and may the "Odds Forever Be In Your Favor" but please... Stay the wonderful, warm, neighborly, and friendly person you always have!

Tart Cherry Trees Do Exist In North Dakota!

Ready, Set... GO!!!

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Here are a few surprising things North Dakotans are searching for.

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