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Asked today our listeners the Radio, the App and Here Now, "What Netflix shows are hitting it big out the gate in BisMan?"

Regardless of what's out there, Netflix published its latest charts on August 9th listing that these shows are gaining global success... MAJOR GLOBAL SUCCESS.

Have you heard or better yet seen already newly debuted shows

Keep Breathing and/or The Sandman??

According to these two shows released by Netflix in the last two weeks are not just the streaming service Netflix's newest shows...

But are also THE BIGGEST IN THE WORLD RIGHT NOW for Netflix!


This week's worldwide global ranking in the #1 and #2 spots of the "top English-language" Netflix series is The Sandman as #1 and Keep Breathing as #2, respectively.

The pair turned into global hits almost immediately upon release, hence why this has caught our attention! Combined according to the numbers reported by the two shows have garnered more than 124 MILLION HOURS watched between them!

The shows couldn't be more different, but they are on fire!

Here are the stats reported from Netflix as of August 7th.

1. The Sandman: Season 1 — 69.4 million hours viewed. A drama, that involves a NY lawyer whose plane crashes and is left stranded in the remote Canadian frontier.

2. Keep Breathing — 54.7 million hours viewed. A fantasy tale around the DC Comic series of the same name brought to life.

What are your thoughts... Will These Be Hits in NoDak?

If like us, it's super hard to sift through the endless options as every which way we turn it appears there's something NEW or there's something of our past that just might curb the entertainment bug we've been desiring... Or of course, there's the latter that we just want something turned "on" in the background as noise while we continue to mindlessly flip through our news feeds. 

Time will tell if these will be added to the "Must Watch" list...

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