"Close", do you mean as in permanently?

So the part about another business in Bismarck and Mandan closing permanently doesn't surprise me, but the fact that this one is a bank, does. Once again I have said this too many times, but to me, it's a very sad trend that we have seen so many places that once thrived, close their doors for good. When I say thrived, I mean that they were not having to worry about being understaffed or a lack of customers.

Which Bismarck bank has decided to close one of its branches?

One of the local businesses that just recently announced they are closing permanently is a bank. - Wells Fargo is known all over the country - currently, there are over 7,000 branches in 37 states, and in North Dakota, the number is 15 - here in Bismarck and Mandan there are 4 - soon to be 3.

The Bismarck Gateway Wells Fargo branch will close in June

A co-worker received this in the mail recently from Wells Fargo: Important update about your Wells Fargo Branch - Dear Customer: Thank you for being a valued Wells Fargo customer. We are committed to keeping you informed of changes that may affect you. We want to let you know the Bismarck Gateway branch and ATM will permanently close June 21, 2023. 

The letter goes on to say that the other three locations will remain open...

...Bismarck Main 400 E. Broadway Ave. Bismarck main Drive-up and ATM 413 N 5th St. and one in Mandan - 111 2nd Ave NW. There was no mention of why the Bismarck Gateway branch will be closing.

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