Growing grass where I live is very challenging.

I live south of Lincoln, and I swear my development was built on a sand pit.  People tend to mow their weeds more than their grass where I live.  And, then there's sand burs.  YIKES.  Enough of my problems.

Have you ever thought about when you should stop mowing your lawn in the fall?

Does it even matter?  As we have a potential winter system in the region next week, you never know when winter might set in for good here in North Dakota.

According to an article on AccuWeather, you should stop mowing your lawn when you notice the first frost of the fall.

We've definitely had that already in Bismarck Mandan.  Although I mowed my lawn one last time this past Sunday, I guess I'm done for the year.  Thank God!  Not that I should complain too much, but since I bought a new Bobcat zero-turn lawnmower, I actually enjoy mowing the lawn.

Something else to keep in mind when mowing your lawn for the last time of the season.

You don't want to leave your grass too high or it will be at risk for disease.  According to the Grass Master, it's best to leave your lawn between 2 and 2 1/2 inches high before the snow flies.  This height is said to be the perfect balance between avoiding disease and causing too much stress on your lawn from cold temperatures.

We're expecting a very nice weekend in Bismarck Mandan.  It might be a good time to shore up your yard and prepare for another winter.

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