We all have a favorite song that is currently out on the radio. It seems like at least once a year I have a song that I really like and this year it's Chasin You by Morgan Wallen. It's been a crazy year and I think a lot of people have used music to get through the year. The nice thing about music is that there's a song for everyone to get people through hard times.

I'll never forget working in radio a few years ago when Lardawg in the morning was still working with us and we had listeners demanding that we play Kane Brown Used To Love You Sober and people really liked that song. That's the first time that we've had listeners demanding that we play a song. That was Kane Browns first song that he released to country radio and he's had a lot more since then.

What's your favorite country song? My favorite country song of all times is Cole Swindell Middle Of A Memory. It's a great song and has a really nice storyline to it. Many people, myself included, really like a variety of music and they like all kinds of music. I listen to a variety of music including the oldies. 

Music is a nice escape for people and I think that's why many people like concerts because they can escape from real life and what's really going on in life. I've heard many people tell me at concerts that music is their escape from reality for the night. 


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