What is the drawing card to North Dakota and especially to Bis-Man? Everytime I go out of state and someone asks where I'm from I tell them Bismarck, ND and they say why there's nothing there. There really isn't anything to do but I think the Badlands and Medora and our great economy really makes North Dakota a great place to live. There really isn't much to do but us "North Dakotans" always find something to do.

North Dakota has always gotten a bad wrap because there really isn't much to do here or there isn't any mountains but we have a wonderful community. There really isn't much crime to have to deal with and it's a great place to raise your kids. As much fun as we get poked at when people come here to visit they usually end up moving here.

The Bis-Man community is one people won't find many places because of how nice people are and people are willing to help others out. This place is one of the rare places where people will stop and ask people broke down on the road if they need help. We may not have a lot of great attractions but the people here are great and are willing to help others out. I think that makes up for us not having much to do.

I will be one of the first people to say I wish we had a few more restaurants and big food chains but in all reality I'm happy with what we have.

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