Where do I begin? There are so many things to see and do living here in Bismarck. I realize that most people don't usually go and see such cool places like the North Dakota Heritage Center or the Dakota Zoo unless they have family or friends visiting. That's just how it goes - we get caught up in work and some of us (me for instance) have a routine we are so used to. Shop at the same store, do the usual weekend things like sleeping in or grilling up some food in your backyard. When the days seem like forever, and the sun flexes its muscles (90 to 100 degrees), there is nothing more relaxing than taking advantage of Lake Sakakawea - sitting on a pontoon all day, then catching a Bismarck Larks baseball game. How perfect of a summer day does that sound? Do you want to get a taste of history? Take the whole family camping just a short 8.8 miles from Mandan. This is the oldest state park in North Dakota - take a hike through all the trails - be a part of it all.

All of the above is what makes BisMan special, however, my favorite part about living here is simple, it's the people. "North Dakota Nice" is a saying that's extremely accurate. A difficult year has passed (to say the least), and we are slowly regaining our ways of life. Bismarck/Mandan residents pitched in wherever they were needed to help local businesses during the pandemic. Most observed the "Wearing of a Mask', and kept a positive attitude. Here is an example you see pretty much every day - someone has pulled over, either because of a flat tire, or car problems. Literally, within 3 and a half minutes, there will be like 10 different people pulling over offering assistance, with every single one of them inviting you over for dinner. Those that are nodding their head to what I just wrote know exactly what I mean - neighbors helping neighbors.