Did you know there are towns under all that water?

The rising waters of the Garrison Dam that created Lake Sakakawea not only swallowed up farm and ranch land but also several North Dakota cities were lost to the big lake's water.

According to an article in Prairie Public NewsRoom, it was a sad outcome for many North Dakota families who were forced to move and displaced because of this new reservoir that was created for flood control and hydroelectric power.

Lake Sakakawea was completed back in 1956 in North Dakota.

According to Wikipedia, it is the 2nd largest man-made lake by area in the United States.  Lake Oahe is the largest by area.  Lake Sakakawea is also the 3rd largest lake by volume.  Only Lake Mead and Lake Powell are bigger.

Now, Lake Sakakawea is a mecca for water recreation, but there was a time when its floors were towns with schools, hospitals, and stores.

Many of these townspeople were displaced members of the Fort Berthold Indian Reservation.  Most of them were moved to what is now the city of New Town.

Let's see if you remember any of these towns which are now watery "ghost towns".

They include Elbowoods, Red Butte, Lucky Mound, Nishu, Beaver Creek, Independence, Shell Creek, and Charging Eagle.

8 towns that now lie beneath the massive amounts of water that we now call Lake Sakakawea.  So, next time you're up on the big lake for a weekend of fun, take a moment and remember all the history that surrounds you.

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