What's the BEST "casual" restaurant in North Dakota?

I think we all prefer casual dining in North Dakota.  Yeah, it's fun to dress up every now and then and hit a fancy restaurant, that's until you get the bill right?  If you don't need no champagne poppin' entertainment, North Dakota has one of the best "casual" restaurants in America.

According to an article from the Daily Meal, Krolls Diner in Bismarck is the BEST of the BEST when it comes to casual dining in the state. 

Google Maps Screenshot
Google Maps Screenshot

I myself was fully expecting we would be going "fancy like" Applebees, a personal favorite of mine, but nope Krolls beat them out.

We actually have three Krolls locations in the Captial Region.  One just north of I94 off of State Street and the other off of Main Street in Bismarck.  We also have one right down the street from where I work on the Strip in Mandan on Memorial Highway.  All of them have strong reviews on Google Reviews, but the Krolls in Mandan scored the highest reviews.

The article goes on to say we have a total of 5 Krolls statewide.

The aforementioned three in our area, one in Minot, and one in Fargo.  Krolls has been in operation since 1972.  Of course, like most casual restaurants do, they serve breakfast all day long.

Krolls is well known for its mouthwatering omelets.  For lunch or dinner, it's all about a hot roast beef sandwich (which I love by the way), fried chicken, fleischkuechle, burgers, or country-fried steak.

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