Happy International Pancake Day!  Did you know that a lot goes into making the perfect pancake?  The size, shape, thickness, circumference, texture, etc are all factors.  How do your pancakes measure up?  Here's our Survey Of The Day:

A new survey by Maple from Canada reveals that the ideal pancake is 3.93 millimeters thick, 16.07 centimeters in diameter and 'golden brown' in color. Other findings:

- 64% of people make their pancakes from scratch

- 20% of people make their pancakes with pre-made batter.

- 56% of people prefer Crepes over pancakes

- 40% of people have flipped a pancake onto the floor by accident.

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What are the top toppings on pancakes?  Remember, this is an International Pancake Survey...Here are the top 20 pancake toppings:

1. Lemon
2. Sugar
3. Maple Syrup
4. Chocolate spread
5. Golden syrup
6. Honey
7. Ice cream
8. Jam
9. Chocolate sauce
10. Banana
11. Bacon
12. Strawberries
13. Blueberries
14. Cream
15. Raspberries
16. Mixed berries
17. Cinnamon
18. Cheddar cheese
19. Smoked salmon
20. Greek yogurt

What do you like to put on your pancakes?

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