What do you think the Bis-Man area could use the most? Do you think we could use more restaurants, an indoor waterpark, indoor arcade or what would you like to see come to the Bismarck-Mandan area. I know in months past when the old K-Mart building closed and we asked people what they'd like to see go in there many people said Dave & Busters.

I think it would be awesome if we got a huge indoor waterpark with a flowrider and a Whataburger restaurant. I think the indoor waterpark would be a huge success in the area. I also think it would be awesome if we got a bar that did indoor concerts with big names. Everyone loves a concert and being that close to your favorite artist always makes it more personal.

What do you think Bismarck-Mandan could use the most in the area? I think an indoor arcade would be an amazing asset to the area. Many other people think that we could use a bunch of different restaurants and someone else wanted to see the local area get a Buc-ees which is a huge gas station. I think it would be awesome if the local area got some more news things. I think if the local area got Laser tag, indoor go-karts and different things like that they'd be a huge hit. Maybe in the next few years we will be able to see some of these places in the local area.

Townsquare Bismarck-Mandan Townie Awards - 2021

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