Ever wonder why Bismarck's property taxes continue to go up every couple of years? I've wondered why the property taxes keep going up when we just got a billion dollars from Biden. Bismarck continues to keep growing and adding more businesses and houses. Shouldn't adding more houses and businesses create more property tax revenue? All over Bismarck, they are either building businesses or houses.

North Dakota has the Legacy Fund and it would be nice if they'd use the money instead of raising property taxes in Bismarck. The property taxes are high here compared to other places. Don't you wish there were other places they could get the money instead of raising property taxes? What do you think would be the best solution? The Biden bucks would have been a perfect place to put the money in the account instead of raising the taxes.

No one likes when they raise taxes and it would be nice to come up with the money elsewhere. The Legacy Fund has Billions of dollars in it and we should really use that money first before raising taxes. For many years that money just sat in the account and never got used. Should we use it for property taxes or should North Dakotans get a yearly check from it? What are your thoughts about raising property taxes? Where would you like to see the money come from? Should we put the money from the Biden Bucks into the property tax account?

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