Do you ever find yourself falling into a rut? The times when things seem to be lacking something are usually when you find yourself going to your safety-net. I'm a single guy, so I never go to the store and buy groceries for like a whole week because I never know what I'm in the mood for dinner. I know some people here and there that will always eat the same thing for lunch on Monday's, Wednesday's and Friday's - yes like clockwork. I have heard some say "Man I could eat that for dinner EVERY night" - But I have never seen or heard of anyone doing JUST that - until now!

His name is Aaron Vallejo - or also know has "The Queso King Of The World". A title this young man has earned. He lives in Bismarck and for a one-year span ( September 20, 2019, through September 2020 ) he dined at the Pancheros Mexican Grill in North Bismarck. KFYR caught up with him and asked the question I think we all have in our head - what caused your motivation to eat the same thing every day? “After they announced the Queso Cup last year, I told myself I’m going to win this for sure,”  Vallejo ordered more queso from the chain than anyone in the world last year, making him the Queso King.

Well, you can imagine the celebrity-like status he now owns when enters the restaurant - everyone shouts out his name - YES just like the old 'CHEERS' television show. Aaron won the contest by eating there 281 times in that calendar year - 40 orders more than the second place person. Who says's "Nobody famous ever lives in Bismarck?" For more on this story click here.

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