A blizzard warning was issued at early this morning, November 9th, 2022 covering a large portion of central North Dakota by the National Weather Service. This being said, all are to be preparing for as we quote from said advisory at 9:15amCST, "Impacts... Power outages and tree damage are possible due to the ice. Travel could be nearly impossible. Widespread blowing snow will significantly reduce visibility."


When the radio, TV, social media and app alerts from various news and weather services are all issuing the same message. Please all be prepared, now is the time to find that extra flashlight, gather food for a few days, water, a back-up heat source and have vehicles prepared with that winter survival kit. You can imagine our surprise as leaving the Mandan Walmart parking lot, turning onto Old Red Trail to see this activity taking place, the sweeping of the walking trail that runs adjacent to Old Red Trail between Collins and Sunset Ave. Now both of us stared in disbelief, no lie there. Why would this machine be going ever so slowly merely only sweeping that trail? A blizzard or at least some undesirable winter weather is upon us.

Tigger & BEC
Tigger & BEC


Now neither of us claims to be engineers or of a higher authority, but we do like to try to apply good ole common sense whenever possible. The repaving of this walking/bike path was squeezed in conveniently before year-end, at a total estimated cost of $238,330 as reported earlier on August 29, 2022 by KFYR. Now by chance, we can't help but wonder, could there be funds left over that some may feel need to be burned up? Regardless of the answer, Crew, please stay safe out there and be prepared, the snow is coming.

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