snow storm

Storm Update
As of 6:45 a.m., a NO TRAVEL ADVISORY is still in effect for a majority of the state including Bismarck and surrounding areas.
What to do?
Not that you need help in finding things to do while you're snowed in, but we thought we'd give you a list of things to do. Who knows, something could be on this list that you've never thought about before.
The National Weather Service in Bismarck has issued a Winter Storm Warning for a majority of the state through Wednesday. This watch goes into effect Sunday (November 27th) night. (see update below)
Depending on where you are will depend on the amount of snow you will receive. There is a very good ch…
Weather on the move
After much speculation, the weather picture is becoming much clearer. There was much speculation on the track of this low pressure system approaching the area, and now as we are getting closer to the actual hit, and the system is actually moving, the National Weather Service is getting a better…