Did you know that different types of candy are sold in North Dakota that may cause cancer?

Yep, we love our candy and sugar in North Dakota and America for that matter.  We go from one candy season to the next.  Halloween, Christmas, Valentine's Day, and now the Easter season.

If you didn't know already, sugar is not good for us. 

There's nothing wrong with a bowl of ice cream now and then, or a sliver of that birthday cake, but health officials will tell you to keep sugar in check by consuming sugar in moderation.

So, what is this cancer-causing agent in some candy across North Dakota?

It's something that FDA has been warning us about for a long time.  Red 3 is the culprit.  In the article from The Center For Science In The Public Interest, the FDA warns that Red 3 is carcinogenic.

What exactly is Red 3?

Red 3, which is also labeled Red Dye Number 3, or FD&C Red 3, is a synthetic food coloring.  This food color has been outlawed in so many countries, but somehow has remained available for us in the United States.

According to the article, Red 3 is present in hundreds of not only candies but cakes and other foods.  That's why it's important to read the labels at the grocery stores and convenience stores before you buy.  What's scary, you can even find Red 3 in so-called healthy food products like fruit cocktails containing cherries.

The article also states that a search of Food Scores, a database of brand name food products that contain Red 3 is at a whopping 3,183 food items.  YIKES.

Let's take a look at 5 candies that you should be aware of that do contain Red 3 and could be carcinogenic.

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