The world of professional football is no easy ride, just when you think you got a lock on the upcoming game, that's when things fall the easiest. There is a reason why so few aspiring football players make it to the professional level, it's that competitive. Yesterday the 5-6 Minnesota Vikings hosted the lowly 1-10 Jacksonville Jaguars. This should be a blow-out, right? Minnesota looking at keeping their playoff hopes alive, the Jags have lost ten straight coming in, what possible motivation would they have?

On any given Sunday.

Vikings have slowly crept back from the dead, having started out at 1-5, coming into yesterday's contest, they had won four out of five. This was one of those patented "All we have to do is show up for an easy WIN" situation, perhaps getting psyched up to play Mr.Tom Brady and his Tampa Bay Buccaneers this Sunday on the road. That is dangerous in the NFL, never overlook a team that has nothing to lose.

Jacksonville jumped out to a nine - zip lead after the first quarter until the Vikes scored the only points in the 2nd quarter, a three-yard touchdown from Kirk Cousins to Adam Thielin ( Dan Bailey's first extra-point kick failed ) - Jags head into halftime up 9-6. A GOOD team doesn't panic, for example, just ten seconds into the second half, a 43-yard interception returned for a touchdown by Jags Joe Schobert suddenly puts Jacksonville up by ten - with a boatload of time left.

Neither team played very well from this point out, and Minnesota took advantage of three turnovers and went on to capture a 27-24 overtime win - some people will say that the Vikings dodged a bullet, but Bailey missed a second extra-point kick and a 51-yard game-winner. After a long uphill grind, Minnesota sits alone at second place in the NFC North at 6-6 on the season and very much in the hunt for the playoffs.



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