One of the viral videos of the day features an autistic boy from the Minneapolis/St. Paul area singing along with the monster hit Old Town Road.

If you haven't seen this, get ready for a truly heart-warming experience.

As reports, the video of 4-year-old Daniel has been viewed over 1.4 million times with more than 40,000 likes and retweets combined since Mom Sheletta Brundidge published the post  last week. (Video from CBS News)

What's extraordinary is that to date the boy has been mostly "non-verbal." As Daniel's Mom relates, it was dinnertime, and Daniel began humming the song.

Sheletta was astonished. "It took us six months just to teach him the letter 'A.'"

Old Town Road, sung by Atlanta rapper L'il Nas X, has topped for charts in the U.S. for several weeks. Sheletta calls it a miraculous breakthrough: "It's music - that's how we reach him."

Li'l Nas himself was moved by the video and re-posted it via social media.

Chalk it up as another inspiring example of the transcendent power of music.

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