Just when you thought you've experienced all the uses for your average black garbage bags, students at the University of North Dakota have come up with yet another use.

A video posted to YouTube on Aug. 2, shows students releasing a weather-type balloon made out of 32 garbage bags with cameras attached.

The video reveals that the balloon reached nearly 5,000 feet before making it's descent back towards the ground.

Ron Marsh, the Computer Science Department Chair explains the purpose of the garbage bag balloon flight at the end of the video:

The intent is to make a space-like payload that's really affordable, so high schools and junior highs and other Universities can do it inexpensively.

When Felix Baumgartner made his historic space jump a few years ago, the balloon that brought him into space cost $250,000.

More simplistic high altitude balloons may only cost $55.

A box of 40 large black garbage bags costs under $10 at Walmart.

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