US World and News Report published their annual report of the top innovative colleges in the country and UND scored in the top 25.


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To make the list, these schools are making the best innovative improvements for class curriculum, life on campus, faculty, technology and facilities. The college campuses that scored the highest are on the list for the most innovative colleges for 2017.

For more on the methodology, click here.

UND was in very impressive company. Other schools in the top 25 included Duke University, United States Navel Academy,  Harvard, Stanford University and Arizona University.

Even though UND tied with six other schools at 25th, that is still impressive for the Grand Forks campus. Not only did UND score impressively, when you compare the tuition at UND with the other colleges, it's a huge savings at $21,462 (out-of-state), $9,862 (in-state) Tuition and Fees.

The entire list of the top colleges in the country in various curriculums is listed here.




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