A lot is happening at Southridge Center in Bismarck.  I recently wrote about all the new improvements with the strip mall and longtime tenant Rainbow Shop.  You can read about that here.

Now, I can spill the beans about two new stores that are going into the Southridge Centre strip mall in Bismarck.  The strip mall is located at 549 South 7th street in Bismarck across from Kirkwood Mall.

The first store is actually a re-branding.  Professional Nails is renaming their store Pineapple Nails and Spa.  They are open for business as I write this article.

The brand new, new store is a worldwide chain store called Chatime.  They will be opening on May 24th and May 25th.  Looks like this place is known for its brûlées.  They bill themself as the number one "bubble tea" in the world.  They also offer free birthday drinks and special club drink specials according to their website.  You can find out more about this store Chatime on their website here.

Matt Mitzel
Matt Mitzel

Both stores are located next to Rainbow Shop Parable Christian store.  New paint striping for parking in front of stores was done this morning.  At the end of the project, the parking lot will be restriped and totally redone.

A new sign with a digital reader board is going up soon at the south entrance on 7th street as you go into the Southridge Centre Strip Mall.  New LED lights are being installed in the overhanging walkway of the stores this week and then will be paneled shortly thereafter.



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