Despite the Biden administration and the CDC extending the travel mask mandate, you will no longer be required to wear masks at the Bismarck Airport or on a plane.  Why?  Well, the airlines pushed back on this saying that since masks are no longer required in restaurants, arena settings, concerts, or sporting events, then why are they required while traveling on an airplane or in an airport itself?

I spoke on the phone with Matthew Remynse who is the Marketing and Operations Manager with the Bismarck Airport and he confirmed that the TSA has rescinded its own enforcement of the mask policy, and the Bismarck Airport has changed its mandate as well.

Bismarck Airport Facebook
Bismarck Airport Facebook

Delta, along with Allegiant, United, Frontier, and American have issued statements that they will no longer enforce mask mandates aboard their flights.  This was confirmed to me by the Bismarck Airport.  The airlines do encourage you to wear a mask in the airports but it is not required.  Same with the airline employees, they will no longer be required to wear masks but they may if they wish.  It's all a personal decision going forward and to be honest in my opinion, that's the way it should've always been.

Even though you will not be required to wear a mask on these airlines and at the Bismarck Airport, you may be required to still wear a mask in other airports or on other airlines.  Minneapolis St. Paul International Airport will also not require you to wear a mask going forward.

With constant reminders COVID variants are present or on the rise, keep in mind this could all change at any time, but for now, enjoy your mask-free flight out of Bismarck.


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