Raise your hand if you are traveling for the 4th holiday?

Join the club, according to AAA, close to 50 million families will be hitting the highways, trains and planes going to wherever, as being reported by USA Today.

According to the travel club, most people will travel 50 miles or more to celebrate the nations birthday. The travel time will be longer for most in the upper Midwest due to construction zones. In North Dakota and Minnesota, this means areas of I94 will be reduced to one lane in construction zones. And in some cases, this means East and West bound lanes are reduced to two lanes. (head-on traffic)

Tuesday will be the busiest day for travel in the country. And if you thought the holiday falling in the middle of the week (Wednesday) would mean less on the road or airports? Check that thought again. The middle of the week holiday means it gives some people the flexibility to make it a long holiday, by either taking Monday and Tuesday off, or Thursday and Friday.

39.7 million will travel by car this year compared to last year and this shows an increase of 5.1%.

A record-breaking 3.8 million people will travel by plane this year which is an increase of close to 8% over 2017.

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