It's already time to think about what or who you'll be for the Halloween festivities coming up, and yes, the Trick or Treat season is less than a month away.


Indeed, Trick or Treat is October 31, which is on Tuesday, but there will be many of parties, competitions and  haunting events in the days and weeks prior to the actual date.

This got me thinking about costumes, as I received an invitation to attend a Halloween themed event. I started my research for costumes and here is what I found.

There is an endless amount of Trump costumes and masks which if you think about it, there is so much to work with. The hair, the mouth and facial expressions gave inventors so much to work with in regards to President Trump. Here are other top costumes I found.

According to Best, Penny the Clown is ranking very popular this year from Steven King's movie It. (I had to ask Alexa) Wonder Woman is also in demand and you can get the costume for a reasonable $330. (sarcasm)

If you're looking for a costume for a couple or for two, new this year is the Oreo. There are several costumes from Rick and Marty. (again, I had to ask Alexa)

Seems everyone's most popular female wrestlers are Ruth and Debbie from Glow and their outfits are hot this year.

Baywatch costumes are again making a splash, and I thought Baywatch was outdated, but then again, there was a Baywatch re-boot on the big screen recently.

If you're looking for a "get up' for Halloween, BEST is featuring the top 127 costumes for Halloween 2017.

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