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North Dakota has 4 hospitals that rank in the top 600 in the entire country.  Not too shabby.

Newsweek recently compiled a list of the top 600 hospitals in the United States.  The list was based on a nationwide survey where all 50 states and the District of Columbia were ranked.

Four different areas of data were analyzed to compile the list of the best hospitals in America.

#1.  Statista did a nationwide survey of tens of thousands of healthcare professionals such as doctors, hospital managers, and other healthcare professionals to participate in the survey.  They were asked to recognize the leading hospitals in their state and outside the state.  They were not allowed to vote for their own hospital.

#2.  Results from patient surveys.  This came from publicly available data from hospital surveys during their stays inside hospitals.  Questions in the survey included communication with doctors and nurses, cleanliness of the hospital, quietness, and how quickly staff responded to issues.

#3.  Hospital quality metrics from Medicare and Medicaid.  Mortality, safety, readmission, experience, and timely and effective care were all analyzed.

#4.  A Newsweek and Statista PROMs Implementation survey was taken.  Scores were calculated for each hospital in four categories and weighted.  Peer recommendation, patient experience, hospital quality metrics, and PROMs implementation.

As you can see, a lot went into this survey, and here are the 5 hospitals in North Dakota that made the cut.

The top 2 are both in Bismarck.  Yep, the best healthcare in the state is in the Capitol city.

1.  Sanford Medical Center-Bismarck

2.  CHI St. Alexius Health-Bismarck

3.  Sanford Broadway Medical Center-Fargo

4.  Altru Hospital-Grand Forks

5.  Essential Health-Fargo

There you go, the Best of the Best when it comes to hospitals in North Dakota and the USA.  We are lucky to have the best right here in Bismarck.

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