Just in time for Halloween, Cheapism.com released a list of the creepiest graveyards in every state.

Chris McGrath / Getty Images
Chris McGrath / Getty Images

Our final resting place, the graveyard. Some are tranquil, some are down right creepy. And even the prettiest most tranquil cemetery, can still be creepy. You'll hear all sorts of stories, some true, some not about true about cemeteries. And just the nature of a cemetery make them creepy.

Just the pure existence of a grave yard is spooky. The term 'grave-yard', just sends chills down my spine.

Cheapism.com recently released a list of the creepiest cemetery in every state.

For North Dakota, the creepiest is Riverside Cemetery in Fargo.  The cemetery is a beautiful and well kept resting place. But folklore has it you can hear voices and in the mausoleum you can hear kicking voices as the dead are trying to get out of their crept.

Um, no THANKS, I'll stay away from Riverside Cemetery.


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