Who doesn't love pancakes?

I must admit, I love pancakes but I love the regular pancakes without all of the fancy whip cream, toppings and those unnecessary additions that makes a pancake a cake.

That is just not for me.

Where do you go for the best pancakes in North Dakota?

We are without a I Hop or a Waffle House locally, so you'd have to reply on a Denny's or Perkins restaurant. (and a waffle is like a pancake, just with sqaures on it, I rather pancakes any day)

If you want the best pancakes in the state, according to The Spoon, you'd have to travel to Grand Forks and grace the establishment of Darcy's Cafe.

According to the Darcy's webpage, they feature the best food in Grand Forks including breakfast and lunch.

After looking at the webpage, they do feature all of the frou-frou toppings on pancakes, if you’re into that type of stuff. Cream, pecans, whip-cream, fruit and syrup. That's just too much for my taste!

For me, I'll just take a big, flat pancake, a little slab of butter and light on the syrup. And for the best pancake in Bismarck, in my opinion, I'll take Avery's Eatery, any day, anytime!

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