Here is a question for you, when you see the word BUFFET  what pops into your head immediately?

Well, I hope your answer is "Food" - a TON of food - so much food that it offers you almost any type you prefer, however, the obvious places that offer buffets center around their own brand  - for instance, Chinese buffets would cater to those of us that love Chinese food - make sense? Of course, if you are planning on going on a cruise, you can expect buffets of all sorts all over the ship.

Las Vegas always comes to mind when I hear that hunger-churning word

Heck, there must be a thousand of them open 24/7 - the city that never sleeps. So now it's time to focus on North Dakota. Have you been to a buffet out here? If so, do you have a favorite and why? There is a website - that recently came out with an article titled "The 10 Best Buffets In North Dakota!" So obviously unless you are a frequent traveler and have spent time on the road and spending time in other ND cities, you may have never heard of some of these places.

One of the Top Ten Buffets is here in town, can you guess which place that is?

Well, here we go...

10) Panda Buffet in Grand Forks, ND

 9) Italian Moon Pizza & Mexican Food in Grand Forks, ND

 8) Himalayan Yak in Fargo, ND

 7) walhalla Inn in Walhalla, ND

 6) Kirin House Buffet in Valley City, ND

 5) Donna's Diner in Oakes, ND

 4) Gramma Sharon in Williston, ND

 3) Super Buffet in Fargo, ND

......Have you ever eaten at Bismarck's China Star??? Check it out...

2) China Star In Bismarck, ND

...well if you get a chance, next time you travel through Fargo you can visit...

1) Passage To India In Fargo, ND


So hey, ready for a food run?

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