When it comes to living in North Dakota, those of us who have been here for most or all of our lives, we can make a list as long as your leg with the best reasons to live in the Peace Garden State.

24/7 Wall St. published a list of the best and worst things about living in every state. To be real, regardless of where you live, there are good qualities and other factors regarding a state you would rather forget or not brag about in public.

When I researched the topic on 24/7 Wall St., I found it ironic the best thing about living in the state was also the worst about living in North Dakota.

The oil boom has been a double edge sword for North Dakota. When the boom hit the state starting in 2011, the GDP (Gross Domestic Product) rose by 25%. Then when the bottom fell out of the boom, the GDP the fell by 5% and the economy declined which was felt across the prairies.

The GDP is the total value of goods produced and services provided in the state in a 12 month period.






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