North Dakota "Nice" may be a slogan often used when referring to those of us in the last state visited, but how do we actually say more endearment? We're talking about that though we are "nice" we may not be always the type that says, "I love you." Instead, we are more than likely to say it in other ways. We are talking as in "actions" or phrases heard again, and again as you walk out the door. Think about it for a minute, heck take two minutes and we bet that you might come up with more than just these five ways you are repeatedly being "told" or "shown" without even realizing, that "You are loved."

"I Love You" In North Dakota

1. "Watch Out For Deer": Yes. This is love.

2. "Call or Text when you get there." Yes. Be thankful someone is looking out for you.

3. HUGE HUG: Now this one, we get it, it's hard for those who especially like their "personal space. But, you know it's coming when greeted "Hello" and again with "Goodbye."

4. "Don't drive so fast" or "Keep it between the ditches": Okay the second one is more directed at BEC by her mom whenever she leaves the ranch.

5. Starts your vehicle. That is a huge one there. No one in these frigid temperatures likes to go out and wait for a car to "warm up". AND if that individual brushes the snow off your vehicle, scrapes the ice off the windshield, you should feel warm and fuzzy all over. Those acts of kindness are really showing love.

As the days get darker, remember all around you are little things being done that sometimes you just might have overlooked and not realized were actually signs of "I love you." If you have more to add to the list, please send them our way.

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