Let's face it.  Life in North Dakota does not suck.  Even our worst cities in comparison to other cesspools across the country do not compare.  So, take this new list with a grain of salt.

Money Inc just released their "20 Worst Places To Live in North Dakota."  Some of these city mentions are kind of a headscratcher to me.  As a life-long North Dakotan, I certainly don't agree with all of these.  However, there's actual data behind their list, so there's something to it anyway.

Let's take a look at their list and remember.  Don't shoot the messenger.

Walhalla Chamber of Commerce.

#20-Wahalla-Poverty rate of 13% and it also has an unemployment rate of 7%.

#19-Rolla-Very few amenities in this community.

Jen Clooten

#18-Bismarck-OUCH!  Crime is an issue and so are the poor-performing schools that are underfunded.

#17-Cando-High unemployment and lots of people living in poverty.

#16-Watford City-Crime is rising dramatically each year.  You have a 1-65 chance of experiencing a robbery.

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#15-Fargo-Crime and unemployment are the biggest problems.  I would like to add the commute and traffic can really suck.

#14-Dickinson-Crime index, school funding, and income levels are not good.

#13-New Rockford-Poverty level is at 11.8.  Not to mention there is nothing to do there.

#12-Casselton-3rd worst property crime in the state.  Not to mention, not a whole lot to do.

#11-Fort Totten-Very low income.  Most households earn less than half the national average.

#10-Shell Valley-Lack of jobs and lack of basic necessities.

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#9-Grand Forks-1 in 5 residents are living below the poverty lines.

#8-Belcourt-26.9 percent living below the poverty line.


#7-Mandan-One of the most dangerous cities in North Dakota.  3rd highest murder rate in the state and number one for rape cases.  YIKES!

#6-Grafton-Poor schools and high unemployment.

#5-Wahpeton-16% living below the poverty line.

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#4-Devils Lake-1 in 22 chance to have a car stolen or your home getting broken into.  High unemployment.

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#3-Williston-Tremendeous amount of crime with a growing problem of violent crimes.

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#2-Jamestown-14.7 percent live below the poverty line.  Poor home values.

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#1-Minot-Big disparity between high median home values and low values.  The poverty rate is at 10.1 percent.



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