How safe do you feel in the North Dakota city you live in?

I know I do where I live in good ol' Lincoln, North Dakota.  Just a bunch of good ol' boys and girls raised up right.  However, that is not the case everywhere.  We need to look no further than Fargo this past summer where tragedy struck when a coward tried to wreak havoc on the public and eventually killed a Fargo Police officer.  If it weren't for the heroic actions of the Fargo PD, the situation could've been way worse.

That was a bitter lesson that even in North Dakota we can have dangerous places and people.

The folks at RoadSnacks did their annual survey of the most dangerous cities in North Dakota with a population of 2,000 or greater.  North Dakota has 22 cities that fit that criteria.  They used Saturday Night Science to compare FBI data for violent and property crimes per capita in North Dakota.


Again, even the most dangerous city in North Dakota is still safer than most areas across this country. 

As somebody who has lived in North Dakota virtually my entire life, there is not a city in this state where I would be afraid to walk around at night, but with that being said, you always have to be aware of your surroundings.  In some cities across the Peace Garden State more than others.

Before we get to The 10 Most Dangerous Cities in North Dakota, how about the safest?

The most tranquil of them all is a town not far from Bismarck Mandan.  It's the scenic community of Hazen, North Dakota.  Definitely a good place to put your roots down.

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