Governor Doug Burgum is expected to make an announcement on this Friday, concerning large gatherings this Summer.  Guidelines from the North Dakota Board of Health and the CDC will more than likely determine what you will or will not be able to do this Summer.

Big events are hanging in the balance like concerts.  Toby Keith at the end of July at Bismarck Event Center comes to mind. Bike Night at Sickies Garage.  The Fourth of July parades, including the big one in Mandan, that has only been cancelled a few times in its long history.  Baseball, from t-ball, to Cal Ripken, Babe Ruth, some sort of baseball for high school age players in place of Legion baseball and of course the Bismarck Larks.  Craft fairs, family and class reunions. There's festivals, street dances, insert your town here...days, Bar Golf with Townsquare Media, and of course fairs...Oh, wait, those are already casualties of the coronavirus.

So many Summertime memories waiting to happen, all hinging on what the Governor of North Dakota has to say on Friday.  If I was a betting man, and I'm not because I don't make enough money.  After all, I'm in radio.  I would say you can expect most of these gatherings to be ON!  However, with social distancing guidelines to some degree as long as COVID-19 is present in the state.  How that will be executed remains to be seen.  Hard to imagine a parade as big as the Fourth of July parade in Mandan to be able to space people out 6 feet apart?  However, officials of the parade say they're ready to do whatever it takes.

So be optimistic, we're due for some good news on Friday from the Governor.  I'm going to bet on it.

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