We've got some serious spring weather coming our way with temps reaching the 70's the later half of the week.  It won't be long and nature will be in full swing, including caterpillars that can sting you?

Wait a minute, this has to be a bad dream.  Anybody who knows me, I hate bugs.  Not just the obvious ones like spiders, but even the so called cute ones like lady bugs or butterflies.  About the only bug I'll consider to pick up would be a firefly, but even those close up are nasty.  You should see how I react when a big miller moth gets in the house.  What about cute little fuzzy critters like caterpillars.  I supposed I probably picked up one or two in my life, but even those are "creepy crawlers" in by book.

Well, I wanted to share my distaste for caterpillars with you today, because in case you didn't know, we have venomous caterpillars in North Dakota.  Their poison can pack a punch too, depending on the person.  Anywhere from a mild itch to severe pain or a serious allergic reaction.

There's one particular type of stinging caterpillar in North Dakota, that is particularly sinister.  The lo moth caterpillar.  (Automeris io)  Here's a picture of this caterpillar that packs a punch.  It could even force you to see medical attention.

Lo moth.

Posted by Marvin Shebroe on Sunday, April 18, 2021

The range of the lo moth caterpillar includes Manitoba and in the southern extremes of Ontario, Quebec, and New Brunswick in Canada, to Montana, North Dakota, South Dakota, Nebraska, Colorado, New Mexico, Texas, Utah, east of those states and down to the southern end of Florida. Yep, the lo moth gets around.  You have been warned.


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