I know this isn't a popular subject in the state of North Dakota: COVID-19.

Thankfully, since January of 2022 deaths due to COVID-19 have significantly declined since the days during the pandemic.  Still, COVID-19 is still a thing and can pack a punch for some leading to severe sickness, hospitalization, and even death.

As new variants of COVID continue to develop, the latest one has a couple of bizarre symptoms.

These are head scratchers for sure since they haven't typically been associated with an outbreak of COVID-19.

The latest version of COVID-19 is known as the JN.1 COVID variant and here are the symptoms to be on the lookout for.

The most typical symptoms include:  (According to an article on IFLScience)

Runny nose (31.1 percent)

Cough (22.9 percent)

Headache (20.1 percent)

Weakness or tiredness (19.6 percent)

Muscle ache (15.8 percent)

Sore throat (13.2 percent)

(Those are the most common symptoms of the new JN.1 COVID variant.)

How about a couple of NEW symptoms for this variant not typically seen with previous variants?  They include:

Trouble sleeping (10.8 percent)

Worry or anxiety (10.5 percent).

I typically don't sleep well when I'm sick anyway, so the first new symptom wouldn't typically alarm me if I were to be sick.  However, excessive worry or anxiety is definitely something I wouldn't expect when I'm sick, but it appears to be the case for some with this new JN. 1 COVID variant.

What's interesting is that losing your taste or smell appears to be a thing of the past with only 2 to 3% of people reporting this with the latest data.

It's that time of year, when you'll hear plenty of coughing or sneezing at the workplace.  Now, you know what to look for if you suspect COVID-19.

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