When you try and pinpoint one thing that's been the most disappointing part of this year - 2020 - there are too many to choose from. The obvious of course is the loss of life, the second part is battling the day-by-day struggle of our economy. Watching businesses doing what they can to just stay afloat. The long days of confinement for a lot of people can be so disheartening. Ok now let's focus on the positive - for me it's having sports back, makes me feel that we are slowly getting back to normalcy - and having high school football again gives you that whole community feel-good thing. With the Dakota Bowl just a week away, at the FARGODOME - you can almost feel the excitement in the air.

On Halloween, last Saturday proved extra haunting for the visiting Devils Lake squad as St. Mary's Central Saints romped to a 46-7 playoff win. Now it's the semi-finals - Class-AA football. KFYR TV reports that the head coach of the top-seeded team in the west, Dan Smrekar, is upbeat about his Saints facing Kindred this Saturday here in Bismarck. “Excited to be in the semis but Kindred is we feel a very good team and I think the best thing about Kindred is we feel they are very well coached Coach Crane and his staff do a great job with their kids as far as being prepared and fundamentally a good football team I think what I see of them is they can be explosive offensively and they like the long ball and they like the quarterback to run the ball".  

With a win against the Vikings, St Mary's will earn another trip back to the Dakota Bowl. For more on this story click here.