As I reported yesterday, North Dakota could see its first taste of winter weather next week.

As I was searching weather models today to see if I could get an update on the forecast, I came across something from the GFS (Global Forecast System) that caught my eye.

If this forecast holds true, one part of North Dakota is going to get hammered next week with a snowstorm that you will probably need more than a shovel to remove.  Check out this map.


Extreme southeast North Dakota could look a lot like winter late next week.  As much as 14 inches of snow could fall in places like Wahpeton, Hankinson, and Lidgerwood.  Even Fargo Moorhead could see double-digit snowfall totals.

Northeast South Dakota looks to be in the eye of the bullseye as well.  Much of Minnesota will also see significant snowfall including northwest, west central, and even down towards the Twin Cities.

I guess the good news for Bismarck Mandan is that it appears we will only receive a glancing blow from this system.


Again, this is a long way out to pinpoint snowfall totals or if it even will snow but as of right now it looks like only a trace to an inch or two for south-central North Dakota.

We are expecting a beautiful and pretty warm weekend in North Dakota.

You might want to use that time to get your yard ready for winter.  I know I still have my summer deck furniture out.  Oh yeah, make sure your snowblower starts too.

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