Buzzwords come and go, so here's another "Shrinkflation"... Heard it, know it, unhappy about it? We're all tired of prices at the pump, the store, and heck just hearing about inflation in general. So now we've got to watch our carts too... not just the price tag but am talking about the physical size of our goods!

Size Matters 

Shrinkflation, Rebecca Wanner

Shrinkflation for those unfamiliar actually refers to the illusion that a product has not changed price, say on the sticker but instead... The amount in the package or physical weight has been reduced. For the untrained eye, that a package of toilet paper, a 6-pack, maybe the same price but now say the volume has gone from 429 sheets per roll to 320 sheets per roll... that's a difference of  774 fewer sheets per 6-pack package!

Need another example; clothes soap. A bottle containing 75 ounces has now been reduced to 67.5 ounces. The bottles look almost identical and may even claim to still wash as many loads as previously, however, the only change is that in the small print where ounces are listed the difference is stated.

It's Legal, So Complain

You may be thinking, "there's no way this can be legal!" You be it is, these manufacturers know the law inside out, and as long as the correct volume is listed... It is your loss and their gain. So, who can you bark your frustrations to... It won't stop inflation but voicing the unappreciated increase passed along in an email or letter to the manufacturer could save you some money in the means of receiving coupons as an "I'm sorry". Until the world shakes out, a new norm is set, may the odds forever be in your favor whether you're trying to survive inflation or "shrinkflation".


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