Repulican Jeff Magrum is going to be putting forth a proposal commonly known as "Stand Your Ground" during this years North Dakota Legislature.  This bill would essentially eliminate the North Dakota Century Code, "Duty to Retreat" in the state of North Dakota and finally restore the Right to Defend ones self, property and family with all means necessary, much like a bill pushed in South Dakota a few years ago.

As you can see by the picture above, you would've thought we were already in a "Stand Your Ground" state.  I actually saw this sign southeast of Bismarck, and have witnessed dozens much like it, while cruising the countryside hunting.  Especially in southwest North Dakota.

According to an article on KX News, right now in North Dakota if you are being attacked in a public situation outside of your home, you could be sued if you shoot the perpetrator.  "There's no reason the victim should have to worry about getting charged for something if they're just defending them self or others", said Jeff Magrum.

However, you can use deadly force in the state of North Dakota, if the action takes place in your home or dwelling, RV or workplace.  This is known as The Castle Doctrine and it allows you to use your firearm for self-defense without the burden of retreat.

But, as the North Dakota law currently stands, if you're in your front yard, driveway, a parking lot, a church, movie theater, you have the duty to retreat before you can use your firearm.  Not only that, you have to actively attempt to force the attacker to retreat.  Magrum's "Stand Your Ground" bill would eliminate that burden.  The Castle Doctrine would now include public spaces.

This bill was also introduced to the North Dakota Legislature in 2019 and failed to pass.



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