Should NDSU move up to the FBS? This has been the talk for many years about having NDSU move up to the next level. Do you think they should move up or stay in the FCS? I personally think they should stay as it would make it very hard to play against some of these big schools. I don't know that NDSU would ever make it into the championship game but maybe I'm wrong.

I've personally been against moving up for many years as we have a hard enough time playing some of these schools as we recently did against SDSU. I know people think moving up is the right decision but I think once you move up it would be almost impossible to move down if the wrong decision was made to move up.

NDSU can compete against most FBS schools but there are a handful of schools that I don't think we would be able to compete against. At the end of the day, it's the decision of the school to determine if NDSU will move up or not but I currently think it would be best to stay where they are currently at.

NDSU is known for getting great players across the nation and with the new training facility, it would be great to see NDSUstay where we are currently at. What are your thoughts? Should NDSU move up to FBS? Do you think we would be able to compete?


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