This is a developing story, according to various reports, after a very tense day at the site of the protest, shots were fired this evening.

Authorities moved into the area today (Oct 27), marching in a line toward the blockage on State Highway 1806.

Earlier in the day, 18 arrest were made.

This evening, according to various reports, gun shots were fired near the protest site. No law enforcement agencies were not involved in the incident. This is a breaking story and developing.

Earlier today (Thursday, Oct 27th), Actor Mark Ruffalo was on CNN discussing his visit to the protest site.

**UPDATE** 9:34 pm Morton County Sheriff Department now say over 100 people were arrested Thursday. The ND Department of Emergency Services has updated the shooting incident(s). It is now confirmed  several incidents involving shootings in or around the camp or the protest line took place Thursday. One protester was shot in the hand by his own firearm and was treated. In another incident, at the camp, a woman fired three shots from a revolver at law officers, she was arrested. The other shots heard could have been hunters in the area, as the investigation continues.

No officers were injured