Well, if you were on Facebook at all this past weekend, you no doubt saw some of your friends posting their kids going to college pictures.  Dorm rooms, tearful good byes and well wishes.  Now, I'm not being a hater, trust me.  I've been dreading the day, that I will saying my college goodbyes to my son.  It is actually freaks me out!

Much like me, my son hasn't decided what he will be doing with his life yet.  He hasn't picked out a college or career path as he starts his senior year of high school this Thursday at Bismarck High School.  I'm guessing he will get it figured out much sooner than me.

I recently ran across an article concerning college life in North Dakota that caught my eye.

"The North Dakota Colleges With The Best Student Life?" 

This is according to our friends at Niche.  The Colleges with the Best Student Life is based on student reviews and they also based it on statistics from the United States Department of Education.  The best of the best when it comes to college have a positive, fun and friendly student culture.  Here I thought this was all based on the best parties.  Because we had some pretty epic raggers at the University of North Dakota back in my day.

Anyway, these are top 5 colleges with the Best Student Life in North Dakota:

5.  Mayville State University

4.  Minot State University

3.  University of North Dakota

2.  University of Mary

1.  North Dakota State University

So, there you have it.  The Bison rule North Dakota when it comes to student life.  Big showing for the University of Mary at number two.   Bismarck State College in case you are wondering, finished just outside the top 5 at #6.



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