I hear people say all the time that it "seems like yesterday that Chase Hurdle went missing"

I actually can concur with that. If you have lived out here in Bismarck and Mandan for a while, you more than likely will remember the awful news - November 2nd, 2021 - that's the last time Chase Hurdle was seen alive ( on video captured in the morning at Bismarck High School in the hallways ). What followed a short time later still haunts us to this day, a witness claims that someone that matched his description was seen near Memorial Bridge. Another person followed that with a report that a male adult jumped off the same bridge into the river. That's the last any one of us has heard of Chase. There has been no closure for the poor family, and that is impossible to even know what that must be like.

BringChaseHurdleHome - a public group on Facebook


There has been another request for volunteers for a new search:

"Search for chase will go on Oct 1 st at 9:00 am we are still looking for volunteers to walk and boats. we are also in need yet for some to hand flyers out at the boat docks and someone that can shuttle a bit to help get around the areas! If ur willing to search please just leave a comment like (will walk or will boat ) so we can keep a head count till the date comes. Again please keep sharing so word spreads  with any luck the community can pull this off and bring this man home more information will come of where we will meet"

We all hope that one day soon definite closure will find the Hurdle family

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