From inflation to shrinkflation, both terms have become part of life. (Inflation the rapid increase of price for a set of goods. Shrinkflation the downsizing or shrinking in size or quantity of an item for the same price.) When hitting the grocery stores or planning a night out at your favorite restaurant, the prices have been shocking. Household budgets are reevaluated continuously. Guess What? We have some good news to share. Not everything has risen as crazy as others.


Consumer tracking on prices paid for foods such as ground beef or a dozen eggs has been going on since 1980. For the first time since this tracking began, a dozen eggs have now outpaced a pound of ground beef. Yes. you read that correctly. 

Repeated across headlines have been "Egg Shortages", "Egg Prices Soar", and so on, however, there has not been the same backlash for this desirable protein. Beef. In fact, beef has been one of the most stable items in your grocery cart. AND if beef has not been in your cart, get to fixing that. Write it down, right now, on that grocery list.


The USDA has been analyzing the numbers and has produced its 'Food Price Outlook for 2023.' What has been revealed is that a dozen large eggs, Grade A in January 2022 were $1.93, same dozen eggs in January 2023 an astounding $4.82. On the contrary, during the same timeframe, a pound of ground beef in January 2022 was $4.77 and actually dropped to $4.64 in January 2023. According to a recent interview on KFYR News, interim executive director of the ND Beef Commission, Nicole Wardner said, "Over the last year when we've seen inflation take ahold of some food prices, beef has been able to weather the storm. We've only seen very minimal, like 1-2% increases in beef prices."

It is continued to be felt by the USDA that the inflation in eggs and poultry is from the pathogenic avian influenza lowering the supply in 2022.

All we can say, Crew - "BEEF. IT'S WHAT'S FOR DINNER."

Wanting to buy local? Here is a list of North Dakota producers selling beef direct to consumers. "North Dakota Beef For Sale From Local Ranches & Farms."

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