Sam Hunt has spent a lot of time at home over the past year, because apparently he's discovered the life-sucking power of Netflix.

"Netflix is going to be the downfall of me," Hunt admits in an interview on the Bobby Bones Show on Friday (May 18).

"I didn’t have cable or TV at all for three years and then I discovered Netflix," the superstar — who just dropped "Downtown's Dead," his first new single in 15 months — explains. "It's like I have been in a dessert without water for three years. I just dove in."

So, Like, Where the Heck Has Sam Hunt Been?!

In taking time out of the spotlight to concentrate on himself, Hunt tries to use media to learn, so he opts for educational and historical content when he sits down in front of the tube. "I get into the documentaries and the historical things that are on there. I love the true-to-life stuff," he says. "I'm checking every little nugget to make sure its accurate."

Hunt's Netflix and chill time (take that literally) often involves his new wife Hannah Lee Fowler, but she's not as into violent shows as he is. "My wife can’t be around that kind of violence at all, so I have to make sure that she’s not home or I will turn (the volume) down," Hunt says when asked if he has been watching shows about Mexican drug lord El Chapo.

But despite their differences, it sounds as if the newlyweds are loving marriage. Hunt and Fowler wed in a private ceremony in their Georgia hometown last April.

"She has been really supportive and I tell her everyday how much I appreciate it," he says, specifically talking about how married life and superstardom have intertwined. "I know how much I have asked her to put her interests on hold to be a part of this thing that I’m doing that really kind of consumes both of us ... but in a good way for the most part."

Hunt promises more new music will follow "Downtown's Dead," but a timeline for a new album is not clear.

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