Have you ever seen a salad vending machine? I saw the first one ever in my life last month at the student union at Bismarck State College. This salad vending machine actually has fresh produce in it and makes the buyer a fresh made salad. I've seen a few people use this vending machine and it's a really cool vending machine.

I've seen a lot of vending machines in my day but this one has to top them all. This is really cool and I never even knew that they made such a thing. This is the perfect idea especially with the pandemic that we've been living through. This vending machine keeps the buyer away from people and gives you a fresh salad.

Have you ever seen a salad vending machine? Would you ever buy a salad from one of these machines? I personally would buy a salad from this machine just because it's cool and really convenient for most people, you get a salad on the go. The machine always has fresh vegetables in it and so you'll never have to worry about the produce being bad.

It always amazes me the great ideas that people come up with and how they execute these ideas into making great things like this salad vending machine. I think many people like it because you swipe your credit card and get a salad and life is just a lot easier. Some people don't like dealing with other people and this is a great way for them to avoid that especially with the covid-19 pandemic.

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