According to the Nickelodeon Universe Facebook page, The Log Chute is set to reopen this Sunday 11/14/21 from 12 p.m.until 6 p.m. According to the Facebook post, The Log Shute will be open periodically on select nights throughout November and December. This is great for people from the local Bis-Man area that may want to go to the mall soon.

The Log Shute has been closed for months due to the Covid-19 pandemic outbreak. This is a great step in the right direction with the opening of this ride. I've been waiting for months for this news as I love riding the Log Shute. The Log Shute has been around the Mall of America for many years and many people including myself love it. 

The Log Shute is different than any other ride at the Mall of America. It goes all over the mall and parts of the ride go right by an eating area. It's a great ride and it is a lot of fun. I hope with the soft reopening of the ride that they will have it open a lot come the first of the year. Have you been waiting for the Log Shute to reopen? 

I remember riding the Log Shute when I was really young and that was many years ago. I'm happy that they are finally reopening it, I might have to plan a trip to the twin cities and ride the Log Shute. Is the Log Shute your favorite ride? 


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