Road construction seems to be even worse than 2019. 

One of the only good things about COVID-19 was the lack of road construction in and around the city of Bismarck.  This years road construction projects are back with a vengeance.  Traffic has been terrible and in particular the South Washington area.

South Washington street is a vital artery for south end traffic.

I know, I depend on it everyday to get to where I live south of Lincoln.  The street has had the quite the reputation for being one of the bumpiest streets in all of Bismarck.  So, it desperately needed to be resurfaced.

Road work began in May, and both northbound and southbound lanes are both supposed to get new concrete.  The project started at Bismarck Expressway and was designed to go just past Billings Drive, near the cannel.  Road construction was expected to last from May until early fall.

According to my sources within the city, the project is significantly behind schedule.

The company behind the project is Northern Improvement Company out of Fargo.  Now, this project will more than likely not be finished even by the end of October.  Work will likely continue until the snow flies, and will have to pick up again in 2022.  Yep, Northern Improvement will have to finish the rest of South Washington next spring. The South Washington road construction nightmare will likely continue next year, as crews finish up with new concrete going south on the street.  Not good news for many of us who depend on this street for our commute.

Rick Rider
Rick Rider



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