A cute raccoon got spooked in downtown St. Paul and had nowhere to go but up and we're talking way up.

The poor critter was stranded overnight on a ledge of a downtown building after it was spooked earlier in the day Tuesday, according to Inforum.  How can you not love the cute bandit face of a raccoon?

The raccoon had a cheering crowd at street level watching the animal scale the side of the UBS building. It climbed and climbed as people in the office building were watching from their offices.

Every now and again, he'd take a rest on a window ledge.

The police and fire department said it was too dangerous for a human or team to try to rescue the animal, so the raccoon was on his own and had to climb up.

On the roof of the UBS building, animal control set a trap with cat food inside the cage. The idea was to capture the cute bandit and release it back into the wild if he made it to the top!

We are pleased to announce the raccoon made it to the roof. We don't know if he was captured but at least he's off the side of the 23-story building.

The crowd below took to social media and shared their pictures and video of the critter.

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