Have you ever had an issue buying an item from facebook marketplace? I have had several issues and the most recent one was last week. I was talking to a guy in another state about an item he had for sale and he refused to give me his phone number and address. If I'm going to drive 700 miles for something before I leave I need a phone number and address. The guy wanteed me to leave Bismarck, ND and drive 700 miles without a phone number or address.

The second most recent issue I had was back in May I found another item I was looking for in Minneapolis and same issue the lady I was talking to refused to give out her phone number. The lady told me the only way of communication was through facebook marketplace messenger. I understand being a girl you don't want the wrong person to have your number but I'm driving 430 miles for your item.

I've had a few of my friends saying they've almost been scammed on facebook marketplace. I'd have to say be careful what you are buying and who you're dealing with. If you're selling something why would you not give out your phone number when the other party asks you for it and they're driving many miles. If you know for certain that the other person is going to buy your item then give them your number. It surprises me how many people sell on facebook marketplace but refuse to give the buyer their number.


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